Wednesday 13 August 2008

Quick Olympic thoughts

So here we are, well into the games and trailing Togo and Kyrgyzstan in the medal totals, with a grand total of, um, zero. Some critics may say that we need to train harder, spend more money, get our kids started earlier, etc.. Maybe, but that sounds like a lot of work. I think instead we should lobby the Olympic committee to expand the podium to include two more medals for every event. Those nickel and aluminum medals would really enhance our total, and our national pride.

And what's the deal here? In a country of 3.8 trillion people, they can't find a kid who's both cute and talented?

I can hardly wait for that thrilling speed walking event. When does that air?


Graham said...

As an athlete myself I can state that us amatuer sports are severely under-funded and cannot possibly compete with many countries who put even the tiniest amount of effort into athlete development.

The only athletes Canada has that could contend for a medal are the ones who do it for the pure love. There is absolutely no incentive to stay in amateur sports in this country.

Of course we compound the issue by immortalizing hockey players, and have a constant rotation of nothing but professional sports on our sports networks. Athletics sports like track and field, cross country skiing, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, and other such sports, get no recognition here.

Hell, even the Golden League track and field is played on CBC...days after the live event. CBC can't afford to broadcast it live because not enough people watch it. Screw the Golden League...the track and field trials for these olympics were broadcast at least a full week after they actually took place for the same reason.

We want medals in this country we have to fund the athletes as they are developing, and we have to somehow create more of a demand for sports other than professional hockey and football.

cherenkov said...

I don't know how you would go about increasing interest in amateur sports. It's really a matter of national priorities: how important is a boost in national pride every four years? I actually know an elite winter Team Canada athlete. He's not rich, but well enough funded that he can train and compete on the world cup circuit. I would like to see our elite athletes funded well enough that they can train as a full time job, but others may not share my priorities.

By the way, we just won another nickel medal in swimming!

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