Monday 2 February 2009

Don't say it again Sam.

Barak Obama is recruiting America's business elite to help him fight this recession. That's great, but he might think twice before giving one of them a microphone next time. Here's part of an exchange with Sam Palmisano, Chairman & CEO of IBM:

What Sam said:
Smarter infrastructure is by far our best path to creating these new, globally competitive jobs and to stimulating growth. Our research shows that a $30 billion stimulus investment in just three areas -- healthcare IT, smart electric grids and broadband -- could yield almost one million new jobs within one year.
What Barak said:
But even as this plan puts Americans back to work, it will ... lay the foundation for long-term growth and prosperity, and will invest in broadband and emerging technologies, like the ones imagined and introduced to the world by people like Sam and so many of the CEOs here today, because that's how America will retain and regain its competitive edge in the 21st century.
What Barak wanted to say:
A million jobs? Are you fucking kidding me? You're killing me over here. All I want to do is stop the economy from shrinking, and you're telling people that we're going to create a million high-tech jobs in one year?? Hey, you know what would really help, Sam? If you stopped outsourcing jobs to Banga-fucking-lor, India! The would really be helpful.
You would think that Sam knows something about setting expectations. A $30 billion stimulus generating a millions jobs in one year? I wonder if Harper's budget will get those kinds of results.


Anonymous said...

Sam's doing what any good CEO would do, lining up IBM to have a good suck at the Taxpayers tit.

Anonymous said...

What would really be helpful is if IBM or Microsoft (even aided by public funds)would put some research into new public domain truther software that would be available for everyones computer and television.

That software would bring up a red screen every time a politician or business person told a blatant lie.

Unfortunately the only way to really get this project going would be to offer the new software for soap operas.

cherenkov said...

MrN: As an IBM shareholder, I would be disappointed if he didn't.

Bob: Please, no. I can't handle the truth. For example, if I found out that UFOs were real I would panic and run naked in the streets. I need to be sheltered by those who know what's best for us.

The Rise and Sprawl said...

Don't criticize the guy, he's just taking a "YES WE CAN" attitude.

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