Wednesday 18 March 2009

_________ in appearance

I picked on CTV yesterday, so I guess I'll pick on CBC today:

A lady was recently robbed of her rings at knife point after getting off the bus. The description of the assailant?

  • Male
  • Aboriginal in appearance
  • 14-16 years of age
  • 5’6” in height
  • Thin build
  • Dark hair
  • Pierced left ear
  • Wearing: a black jacket, possibly a white sweater & hoody, black pants and a white baseball cap with markings or print. Of note: the cap was turned/worn to the left side of his head/face.
This is how the Free Press reported it, but this is not how the CBC reported it on the 6:00 news today. The CBC left off the part about "Aboriginal in appearance"*. Don't you think that might be an important piece of information? Thin with dark hair is pretty general. Could be any ethnic background.

So who made that call, and why? Surely the CBC isn't afraid of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Does their left-wing thirst for political correctness outweigh the safety benefits of potentially identifying a dangerous criminal? How do we know it's not this guy?:

*I can't find video of the news story on their website, so if somebody can confirm that I wasn't hallucinating that would be great. If I'm mistaken I'll delete this post, but I'm pretty sure about it.

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