Monday 27 July 2009

Wanted: News Feed Filter

Breaking news at the Winnipeg Free Press:

0.01 cent! Ooooooweeee! That's, um ..... ya .... that's not really news worthy. If they can moderate comments, why can't they moderate their news feed from CP to provide articles of at least marginal interest?


Christian Cassidy said...

Hey, Come on. A few Bay Street types shorting it made enough to buy lunch at the food court tomorrow. Free lunch - that's good news !

cherenkov said...

You're right. It's nice to see good news for a change!

The dollar closed at 92.5. Not good for exports but good for keeping interest rates low.

The View from Seven said...

And here I thought that "Google Search results in warning, 'This site may harm your computer'" (Jan. 31) was a dubious candidate for "breaking news" treatment.

cherenkov said...

Let's see what the least significant headline is this morning ....

"Australian woman rescued after a week spent trapped between her toilet, bathroom door" maybe?

At least that looks like it might have some decent entertainment value. I would read that.

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