Monday 28 September 2009

What did I miss?

Greetings. You may have noticed a lack of activity around here the past couple weeks. I was out of town. I heard that the weather was great while I was gone, and -- as expected -- it's crappy again now that I'm back.

So, besides summer, what did I miss? Is Gary Doer gone yet? Is the new stadium under construction? Has Ignatieff toppled Harper, or is Harper creating new structural deficits to gain Layton's support? Is Winnipeg World-Class yet? Is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights back on budget? Are Polar Bears extinct? I have some catching up to do ...


unclebob said...

How could you have missed the NDP race? Even the PCs areexcited.

cherenkov said...

The PCs ought not to get too excited because they still have an uphill battle. Regardless of which NDPer gets in, they will still be the default vote for a lot of people.

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