Thursday 16 September 2010

Winnipeg Mayoral debate #1

My little live blog thingy below (in reverse order). Thanks to the Free Press for the video feed. If any of my comments conflict with Bart's comments, go with Bart. He was probably paying attention.

1:34 pm:
closing remarks (that was short..)

Judy: "you believe in Winnipeg." Why yes I do. How did you know?
- "no more squeeling and squaking".
Sam: "talk is cheap" Implies that Judy cannot deliver.
-"You need somebody who will stand tall." Ooooo .... cheap shot! I like it. :-)

1:25 pm
Q: are you willing to raise taxes for proper infrastructure?

Judy: bashing tax freeze. "A freeze is not sustainable". Also need more $$ from other levels of government. She will do this by building relationships. (invite Vic Toews over for dinner?)
Sam: all cities are in the same boat. Throwing all kinds of numbers around. Doesn't answer the original question.

1:18 pm
Winnipeg is the sunniest and windiest city in Canada, therefore we should be harnessing that energy. That will create jobs. (Judy)

Prepare for windmills in the exchange district.

1:16 pm
Judy's french has improved somehow. Asked about improving French services. "we must facilitate this unique characteristic of our city"

1:10 pm
Sam: we're rolling out the red carpet for Businesses. Judy counters by pointing out that Sam failed to eliminate the small business tax. She then says she can't commit to freezing it (ie. she may increase it?)

Judy: rapid transit is an embarrassment. Off topic perhaps, but true.

1:06 pm
Judy: "no more quick fixes for crime". 2 seconds later: "yes, do need more police"

Wait, we're the home of Snow White? I knew about Winnie the Pooh, but Snow White? Do you mean John White from the Free Press?

1:03 pm
Judy must have killer toned arms with all those hand gestures that she does. Hold a can of beans in each hand and you've got yourself a good upper body workout there.

"every single stat shows we're going in the wrong direction" ... well.. maybe not every stat. Really?

1:00 pm
note to Judy: do not speak Fench. Ever. Again. Thanks.

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