Friday 31 December 2010

2010 in review

A look at blog highlights from the past year.

In 2010 we discovered that there is indeed life in the local bloggosphere after Endless Spin and Waverly West. The scene continued to thrive, due in part to the addition of some new blogs. Some of the best new local blogs of 2010:

One Man Committee (a.k.a. Cancelbot, a.k.a. Walter Krawec). I have to admit that the pace he started posted at had me concerned that this might be one of those blogs that launches with a flurry and then fizzles out, but in fact he has kept it up for three months now. This, in addition to his day job, which I believe is posting comments on New Winnipeg.

Things That Need To Be Said (a.k.a. bgilchrist001, a.k.a. St Norberter, a.k.a. Brian Gilchrist) had some very good posts, including this one about the small business tax cut. Look for big things from Brian with the provincial election looming. No pressure though.

State of the City (Brian Kelcey) must have been the most successful new local blog, parlaying his web site into TV appearances and an actual money-making career. Imagine that.

A Day In The Hood probably deserves a mention as well, with its peak into life in the North End

DriveGoddess (a.k.a. MizPoint) is a well travelled blogger with interesting experiences to share. Read her blog action day post on water, as an example.


As for this blog: The start of the new year means it's time for my annual identity crisis, but more on that later. First, some highlights:

In 2010 I did my first interview, with candidate for council Livio Ciaralli. Transcribing the interview was a lot of work, but it was a fun thing to do and I received some positive feedback. I might consider doing a few more this year.

I had my angriest ever commenter:
i hope you burn in hell! ... WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? i wish i knew what store you shopped at cuz i would make it my personal mission to make your life a living hell!
I had some brushes with small and large media this year. Nothing big, but I was contacted by the Uniter and CBC for different things, and linked-to by the Toronto Star web site for a post I did on the census. The Free Press continues to ignore me, but that's okay .. I would ignore me too if I were them. I know they're reading. (Hi guys!!) Actually .. I had a nice chat with Melissa Martin from the Freep one day. Kudos to her for taking the time to talk to me.

My top posts from 2010:

1. Cody Bousquet, Louis Riel, and more graffiti. -- A result of persistent Google hits about Cody, and especially Louis Riel. It is bizarre how many "Louis Riel" hits I get, given that I am miles back in the search results for that phrase. I don't understand.

2. Bucket full of something ... and it's not water -- Helped along by a Reddit referral, this had some good traffic (by this blog's standards). Maybe one of my better posts of the year, and I almost didn't do it.

3. My post from 2008 How to get to Vimy Ridge continues to draw traffic from people (duh) trying to find out how to get to the Vimy Ridge Memorial, and makes France the number 4 source of traffic to this site after Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.. This makes me happy -- that I might actually be helping people get to see this amazing site.

4. About roundabouts -- Posted during the Great Roundabout Controversy, and given a boost by TGCTS and a Policy Frog tweet.

5. Only a matter of time -- Yes, believe it or not, this two year old post about Leah Hextall continues to draw a steady stream of pervs looking for pornographic photos of the CTV cutie.

6. Who killed TGCTS -- a popular subject for other blogs as well, I understand.

7. Why pop music sucks -- This is a weird one. All I really did was repost a video that I found somewhere else, but "pop music sucks" is my number 1 Google hit.

honorable mention: Bipole Disorder: Billion dollar insurance policy was, I think, possibly my best post of the year. Most time consuming anyhow.

Top Google search terms (not including Cherenkov blog, Anybody want a peanut, etc..):
1. pop music sucks
2. louis riel
3. phil sheegl
4. manitoba "falcon cam"
5. how to get to vimy ridge - although there were about 100 other variations on this search as well.

Strange Google search terms:
"seal heart eating bitch" - guess who?
alberta rig worker sexy dance
- I have no idea why my site came up with this search, honest.
colleen simard is an asshole - tell us how you really feel.
hey you, want a peanut? - why yes I do, thank you!
ipost my beaver - you what?
mrrrrrummm - not sure if he found what he was looking for. Or if he had a seizure.
sam owns an acre of land and the government dams the river and forms a lake behind the dam, covering sam's land. does the government owe sam anything? - I'm sorry I couldn't help you, after all the effort you put into typing that search.

Top referring sites:
endless spin
hacks and wonks
policy frog
winnipeg love hate
progressive winnipeg

My two top referrers are in suspended animation.

Anyhow, enough fun with Google Analytics ... Back to my identity crisis:

What kind of a blog am I? Is it time for me to finally grow up and become a respectable blog, or would that ruin the whole thing? I have always just posted whatever I wanted to post without much regard for what people thought. It's not that I don't care about you, my valued readers, it's just that I don't care about you. But maybe I should.

So.. what do you want to see from The Peanut? Do you want to see more policy posts? More cartoons/doodles? More photos? More interviews? More Leah Hextall? More profanity?

I won't guarantee that I'll follow your suggestions, but I do welcome your feedback. And as always, thank you for your visits and comments and links.

Happy New Year!


John Dobbin said...

The provincial election is coming in the fall.

What we really need is a good look at things riding to riding.

Scott MacNeil said...

I vote for more more policy, more cartoons and more pointed profanity. Though not necessarily in that order.

Happy New Year

Gustav Nelson said...

Identity crisis? Really??

Don't change a thing and keep on keepin' on!

Your blogs generally have a serious tone with a humourous undertone, which I particularily enjoy. What I appreciate the most is your use of facts and data to support your conclusions.

One Man Committee said...

I'm impressed with the mix of bloggers in town. There is a pretty good range of views reflecting a variety of interests... there are policy experts, the analytically-inclined, historians, political watchers, urbanists, new-media types, foodies, people-in-the-neighbourhood, and in all likelihood, several other categories too. It's good to see a growing diversity of viewpoints.

As for you, I think you should keep doing what you're doing. It would be just plain weird if the irreverent cherenkov went all PBS on us.

The View from Seven said...

Count me in as one more vote in favour of doing what you do best: sensible commentary on the issues with a bit of humour thrown in from time to time.

I'll also echo One Man Committee's comments about the mix of bloggers here in Winnipeg. We've seen a big increase in the use of blogs over the past year as a means of sharing not just opinions, but knowledge and insights.

I always get a kick out of your list of bizarre keyword searches. A few of the more memorable ones used to find my blog from the past year:

"buzz lightyear resemblance to brian mulroney" (Really? I never noticed that.)

"cable t.v is rilly so good for socity" (Maybe not so good for your spelling, though.)

"cheap ass winnipeggers" (Feeling crabby today?)

"how fat is sylvia kuzyk" (That's not a nice question to ask...)

"how the did the devil turn in too a devil" (Good question.)

"i am former employee of republic airlines who was vested before northwest took over where is my money now that northwest has merged with delta" (Answer: Gone.)

"seeking eccentric texas millionaire" (Any luck yet?)

"men currently spend more of their disposable income on skin care than men in any other metropolitain area in canada. this makes montreal the ideal candidate for a pilot launch for a new loreal product range and salon experiment." (If you say so.)

"yahoo answers what rhymes with regina?" (Vagina?)

Happy new year!

Brian Kelcey said...

To be fair, I did have the money-making career for 20 years before I had the blog. ;)

But thanks for the kudos, and I've decided I have to be one of your top referrers next year so don't quit now.


Christian Cassidy said...

I'm in the keep on keeping on camp - as 7 said: "sensible commentary on the issues with a bit of humour thrown in from time to time".

The 'Peg has very little humour in her blogosphere.

Maybe a Friday cartoon to summarize the week ? That would make an interesting album come year-end.

Kelcey, you really want to be one of his top referrers ? Look what happened to his last two !

Graham said...

The humour is appreciated...anytime you slide some wise crack in there no matter how subtle I end up making the people around me going "oh, did you find something funny on youtube?"

Also I meant to last year, but your blog is sooooo inspriational (which is why fans demand you immediately end the identity crisis) that I did want to emulate your "top 5 google searches" but everytime a hilarious google search came my way I didn't bother to write it down.

So, proud as I am to be one of your top 5 referring sites, my new year resolution is to copy, paste, and plagiarize from your playbook.

I warned you in advance so don't sue me over my top 10 google searches from 2011.

cherenkov said...

Thanks for the feedback, y'all.

@JD: I don't know if I could do riding by riding analysis. We need Prairie Topiary back.

@FA: I'll get working on some pointedly profane policy cartoons.

@GN: Really. I have considered splitting this blog up into two blogs before. One for my nutritious whole wheat side and one for my tasty sugary side.

@OMC:I just got an idea- I should change the name of my blog to Orchestral Manoeuvres in Committee.

I agree, there is a pretty good mix of bloggers around here.

@7 (no relation to on7 I hope): angina? It's always amusing to see what people search for. Thanks for sharing yours too!

@BK: I don't know how much longer I can count on getting referrals from defunct blogs, so there is room at the top.

@MrC: A Friday cartoon is a good idea, although I do not do well with non-mandatory deadlines. I might be able to commit to a monthly cartoon.

@G: I am going to sue your ass off for lost revenues, which would be about .. um .. carry the seven ... uh, $0.

John Dobbin said...

I'd settle for a focus on one riding only. So many remain a mystery on the local front.

And I think that is because a lot of people don't know about neighbourhoods outside their own backyard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. I've been remiss over the little while, but hope to get back up in force pretty soon.

Of course with the pressure on now with the upcoming election, I guess I have to look at what the number show with respect to promises.

And two upcoming provincial budgets too.....

Should be an interesting year.

the Stiff Rod said...

Hey, thanks for the mention!!! I get a fair amount of traffic from your site - gracias!

Now as to what I would like to see? Naked pictures of Daniel Craig. Otherwise just keep doing what you are doing with no changes. If it ain't broke right?

Melissa said...

I would like to see more shout-outs to me!

No, just kidding. Only I have nothing to add that is constructive, because I only now found this blog.

Fat Arse's "profanity" suggestion is always a winner, though.

cherenkov said...

Hey there Melissa. Welcome.

I used to swear like a sailor before I found out that my 7 year old nephew reads my blog. Slowly, more and more of my relatives are finding out about this thing. I'm trying to not let it affect my style though.

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