Thursday 3 March 2011

Royal Canoe

Okay, every time I bitch about something in the Free Press I feel kinda crumby afterwards. Even if it was about a Francis Russell column. Not because the criticism wasn't worthy, but just because I don't like being Mr. Negative all the time.

Now I know in the past that when I have expressed similar concerns some of you have told me not to be a pussy. Literally. I can't help it. Maybe I just need to pick my targets a little more carefully and then unleash both barrells when I find something that really deserves getting hacked to peices in the bloggosphere. No more of this coffee break blogging when something slightly annoys me and I write about it, more to take my mind off work than anything else.

So, to change the tone a little bit, let me introduce you to Royal Canoe. This local band created by Matt Peters from The Waking Eyes has a very, um, unique sound and is starting to make some waves. Below is the new video, hot off the presses.

At first you might think "what the fuck is this?", but shortly after the time the guys in the orange ski masks start to pour in you will probably start thinking "you know, this isn't bad", and when it's over you will be thinking "I still don't know what the fuck that was, but it was pretty cool!". Enjoy:


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Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about slagging the freep.

Their journalistic standards have gone into the shitter over the last few years.

People expect more out of the FP. Compare that to the Sun, where there are no expectations. People bitch about the FP, because we expect the media to give us unbiased reporting and not let stories go away when they are worthy of further investigation.

Unfortunately the FP no longer does that. If you look at Graham's blog, you'll see what they spend their time on now!

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