Thursday 7 April 2011

Poor Jack Layton

Did a little doodle of Jack, in honour of his having no chance of winning.* Actually, not much thought went into it .. I just started doodling and this is where I ended up:

I kind of like Jack in some ways. He's not a bad guy. He is just an otherwise normal guy who happened to be born with that abnormal gene that turns you into an NDPer.

I did one other sketch of him while I was at work some time ago. I'll share with you, because I don't know what else to do with it:

* further to this: NDP seems to be trending down in the polls, especially in Ontario. Not promising. How does Jack make the NDP relevant?


reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

I honestly don't really care anymore. I'm probably voting for the NDP. I doubt he'll win, but I want every politician to painfully suffer in parliamentary deadlock until they learn how to work together. Which will be forever and a day. I can't stand the conservative ads. They're so damn stupid they need to be punished for creating them.

I mean really, we probably don't need the whole lot of them. Canada seems to me to run just fine when parliament is not in session. Better even, somehow. Just need some guy to do the accounting.

cherenkov said...

One pundit suggested a scenario where all leaders changed: if we get another majority with the Conservative same as now or a little lower, the Conservative party may look for a new leader to take them to the next level. Iggy may resign having failed to inspire voters and become PM, Jack has been leader for so long now and has the health problems, May can't stay in any longer unless she gets elected, and Duceppe may be ready to pack it in as well. It might be nice to start with a clean slate and see if we get a new and more positive attitude in Ottawa.

cherenkov said...

Sorry .. I meant minority.

Jim Cotton said...

I would like to see new leaders in Ottawa too, but it would be more of the same in the long run.

Anonymous said...

A "diseased cripple?" Classy.

cherenkov said...

Jim: we can hope for at least marginally better, can't we?

Anon: yes .. some of the things I write here could come back to haunt me if I ever run for office.

Gustav Nelson said...

I'd like to see Harper with a majority before I completely rule him out. Before that whole coalition stunt, he was very fiscally prudent and I'd like to see more of that.
However I don't think that Canadians will give him a majority, which is unfortunate because he has been very responsible.
I also agree with Reed, that we don't need a whole lot of the politicians constantly working. The idea that they "run the country" or can fix all our problems is really silly and people need to understand that they can't or don't do either. For the most part, we'd be getting along fine without Parliament in session.

cherenkov said...

Ya, he would probably be better fiscally with a majority. I think any party with a majority is more fiscally responsible than with a minority. Minority situation starts a sort of bidding war for support that makes it hard to do what's needed to balance the books. Especially if the parties don't work together like Reed says.

1spiritedmom said...

re: How does Jack make the NDP relevant?
Don't you guys get it yet? It's not about's about how so many people can't stand Ignatief. Canada is a Liberal country. Always was and it will be again as soon as they get someone good in there again (think for a moment if Paul Martin was party lead right now...Harper and everyone else wouldn't have a hope). This election is all about the devil you can live with.

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