Friday 12 August 2011

NewWinnipeg update

The NewWinnipeg forum is still dead, but a date has been set for the next and presumably last NW get-together:

Saturday, August 20 · 2:00pm - 5:00pm *NEW TIME*

The location is still TBD, but you can stay on top of it at this facebook page:

unrelated p.s. :

I was just cleaning up some old email and found this spam ->
Subject: Scotland acquired A of to Korean Tibetans
Body: When tilapia are raised in the tanks, they are able to eat algae, which naturally grows in the tanks when the tanks are properly fertilized.
Wove paper does not exhibit "laidlines", which are small regular lines left behind on paper when it was handmade in a mould made from rows of metal wires or bamboo.

Still the best spam I've gotten so far.

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Gabriel Hurley said...

A quick note: The time and location of the event have been tweaked, as you can see on the Facebook page.

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