Thursday 22 March 2012

How to draw a parrot

Ever since Bob Ross passed away there has been a gaping hole in the art world that is aching to be filled. This blog post oughtta do the trick ...

Draw a circle
And another ... and another ...

Now erase everything except this:

Draw another smaller circle

Erase 3/4 of the circle, and add another smaller circle

Add a big oval shape
Make the oval pointy on the bottom
Draw another curve joining the head to the wing
Erase the extra bits

Add a triangle and a circle

Erase the bottom of the circle

And now you have a parrot!

If you wish, colour in the parrot and add a quote:

Oops. I accidentally drew Pat Martin's parrot!

Dang parrots. I apologize for the profanity.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of ... whatever it was. Join me again next month when I'll show you how to replicate Monet's Woman with a Parasol.


little gray bird said...

Hahaha I'm actually going to do this! I love Bob Ross :)

Brian said...

This is informative.

cherenkov said...

@LGB: If I can help just one person draw a parrot it will all be worthwhile.

@Brian: I know, isn't it?

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Do Parrots live
up in happy little trees
like Bob Ross?

A Haiku.

cherenkov said...

Thank you for that Reed. That is very nice.

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