Friday 18 May 2012

Around This Town

Supposing you do a periodic post about different things going on in Winnipeg .. what do you call it?  What I do is I hijack the name of a kick-ass song by a kick-ass Winnipeg band, Grand Analog, and present to you:

Around This Town


Walter Krawec has made the decision to shut down his One Man Committee blog. As far as blogging goes, Walt made a big impact in short span of time, and his contributions to the Winnipeg 'sphere will be missed.

I'll move him down to my "Are they alive?" blog roll just to see if it springs back to life at some point.

A marriage in the bloggosphere

The Anybody Want A Peanut Congratulatory Response Team (CRT) had a meeting this week and came to a decision, with a near-unanimous vote, to acknowledge the wedding of long-time Winnipeg blogger Shaun Wheeler (a.k.a. Conceited Jerk) to his wonderful wife Jillian.

Please join us in wishing them a long and wonderful life together.

Princess and Ivy

Speaking of hooking up and having families, a pair of endangered Peregrine Falcons are back downtown, and have become very slightly less endangered having produced four yet-to-be-named chicks. Watch countless hours of the little fuzzballs developing into fearsome predators on the live web-cam HERE.

Clean-up day

Last Saturday I helped pick up litter along Bishop Grandin Greenway. I say "litter", but that includes TWO couches!

The weather was nice and the turn-out was good, and like the web site says a clean trail is a happy trail.

More photos here.

City Circus

Well, Black Progressive Marty Rod has a new show!! (I should clarify that Marty is NOT the Black Rod. Wink.)  Anyhow, in addition to his Great Canadian Talk Show podcast, Marty Gold has found a new home on Shaw TV, with a show called City Circus. Check the web site for times and details.

One of the best things about the old TGCTS were the in-depth interviews with the mayor, as well as people that often otherwise wouldn't have much of a voice. I hope to see more interviews in this new series. Good luck with the show!


Although I will be nowhere near as regular as James Hope Howard (insert fiber joke here) and his Man Links Weekly, I do hope to be a little more active in writing these little local composite posts. Being pressed for time this week this is the best I could do. Have a great long weekend!

I leave you with, what else? Grand Analog!

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Shaun M Wheeler said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Cheren! It was great to see you and Mrs. Cherenkov at our little event. Jill and I both hope to be blogging again after our honeymoon hijinks have ended.

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