Thursday 28 June 2012

Yurts, Spruce Woods & Cacti

Camping is one of the many things that white people like. You may not know this, but even some white people don't like camping. For people who don't like camping but still want to "camp", God gave us yurts.

Actually, according to Wikipedia, Turkic nomads gave us yurts. For those who are unfamiliar with this ingenious invention, it is a round soft-walled structure that provides actual shelter from the elements, and is able to contain actual furniture like beds and tables.

The variety that you'll find in Manitoba campgrounds more like a rustic hotel room that's missing its bathroom. It has electricity, a locking door, a heater for those cool nights, track lighting and a covered porch with a stainless steel counter. There is no air conditioning however. You will have to make do with the plug-in fan that is provided with the yurt.

A few people have asked me about these things, so this post is for you. The cost is higher than a normal camp site, but it's perfect for small families .. or people who don't like camping.

Did you know that Manitoba has cacti? I have photographic proof. Here's a little pincushion cactus in full bloom that I found while hiking at the Spruce Woods spirit sands.

Some more pics:


Curtis Brown said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of God's most favoured corner of the world. I really enjoyed them!

By the way, were you able to get into your yurt with no problems this year?

cherenkov said...

Heh .. yes I was.

For those who are yurting for the first time: the code for your yurt's lock is the last 4 digits of your reservation no. Don't forget it at home!

Shaun M Wheeler said...

Jillian and I were at Spirit Sands during our Honeymoon week. Took a number of great pics, and it gave me an excuse to run around in my keffiyeh.

Anonymous said...

Great picture of the cactus! Was it easy to find? On a trail? Apparently they are quite rare.

cherenkov said...

Thanks! I was keeping an eye out for them, but this one wasn't too hard to find. It was only a couple feet off the trail.

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