Wednesday 4 July 2012

Around this town: 92.9 FM, food, and other stuff

You know what's around this town? FOOD! Winnipeg has always been a food hotspot, but now we're starting to see more mobile food vendors setting up on streets, giving downtown office workers more options. Melissa Martin wrote about it in the Free Press this past long weekend. It looks like this might be a trend!

There's El Torrito, the taco truck. (twitter, facebook)

Baon Bistro "Fil-Asian" fusion. You can imagine my confusion as I misread the name as Bacon Bistro. (Twitter, Facebook)

Beaujena's French Table French/Mediterranean sandwiches, etc.. (Twitter, Facebook). The pork cutlet sandwich sounds amazing. I am definitely going to give that a try soon. But according to their facebook page they're launching an even better sandwich this week: Toasted bun, slice of brie cheese, 6-7 oz. filet mignon, trufle butter, two slices of crisp bacon topped with sauteed wild mushrooms and onions. "After you eat it, you will have to kill yourself because nothing will ever be so good again".


Pimp My Rice Filipino food. (Twitter)

Little Bones Wingery Gourmet breaded chicken wings, including POUTINE WINGS. (Facebook)

And finally, So-Cal Smoothies hit the streets of Winnipeg two weeks ago (Twitter, Facebook)

I'll see you on the streets!

A commenter pointed out Falafel Queen as another mobile vendor. FQ needs to expand their on-line presence. I could not find a web page or Twitter account, and their Facebook page is sparce.

Stuff-It Foods, by contrast, has a slick web page with a funked-out version of Wonder Wall playing while you browse the web site. (Twitter)

Sis & Me has typical summer food: burgers, smokies, etc.

J. T. Springrolls doesn't have much of a web presence either, although I found this picture ------------>

Lovey's BBQ also has a food truck .. or Kitchen On Wheels (KOW). (Twitter, Facebook)


Speaking of mobile food, here is a picture of a slurpee in a shoe that I took a little while ago. An abandoned shoe and a slurpee ... what could be more Winnipeg than that?


Another Winnipeg blog that you might not be aware of is The Daily Observer. It's author is Gabriel Hurley, the mastermind behind the Winnipeg Zoom forum, which has really taken off in it's half a year or so of existence. Gabriel's posts are not frequent, but you should keep an eye on it.


Lastly, this is a major loss to Winnipeg radio:

As a result of recent changes to CRTC regulations regarding campus and community radio stations, and financial challenges, the Board of Cre-Comm Radio Inc. has decided to discontinue over the air broadcasting effective Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 4:00pm, and will be returning the current broadcast licence to the CRTC.
I listen to 92.9 a great deal, simply because they play new and alternative music instead of the usual rock / classic rock / pop that you hear over and over again on most other stations. This is disappointing.

Hat tip to Marty Gold about that announcement.


That's it for now. Next up: a new idea for leader of the Liberal Party!

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

Both you and melissa are missing the best new addition to the food cart scene- Falafel Queen where you can get huge falafel, and beef and chicken shwarma. Considering the severe lack of scwarma in this town, this is most welcome.

A special boo to Melissa since her article was about variety and yuo can see the Shwarma truck in the photo beind the spring roll truck.

crunchy floor said...

The Freep is now on version 2.0 for the demise of Kick FM.
Staff writer first tried the big bad CRTC angle and now an unnamed prof is blaming non-students hijacking the proceedings.
Damn hilarious.
Marty Gold hasn't been there for about 20 months and Margo et al are scrambling to pin the tale on any donkey they can make up.
Cruel irony is that Marty would have ripped this apart as another lesson in journalism in the way the Freep warps a story for their own selfish reasons.
Of course RRCC handed back the radio license to kill any more airing of their very dirty laundry.

cherenkov said...

Anon: added to the list. Thanks.

Crunchy: how does killing the radio station stop people from talking about their dirty laundry?

Marty Gold said...

I think he was refering to the public spectacle that would surely have been a hearing before the CRTC to get the licence renewed.

Item 1) Having to explain how the Executive Committee was a fraudulent group with no legal authority, that snared control of the Board through intimidation and drained the taxpayer out of $300,000 as under their "leadership" they tanked the station.

Item 2) The lie about how the community was not supposed to be part of programming and canceling my show, then never canceling another. Oh check that, they canceled Kenny 4 days after the CRTC started asking the same questions he had in his whistleblower complaint when he was denied access to the documents about the creation of the "Executive Committee". The same whistleblower complaint that Erin Selby ignored.

Item 3) How the CRTC was told that the documents of the non-profit had "been lost" from a College office

Item 4) The special relationship between Margo Goodhand and Stephanie Forsyth and how the FP had not paid their own end of a barter deal with Kick-FM to put the John White show on the air, so they cost the station money while I made it money, yet they got me fired and then lied to the National Post about knowing about it

Item 5) The commercial radio station executives masquerading as community reps and then colluding to prevent the station broadcasting at full power and have students sell advertising as the CRTC was promised 10 years ago. Lest the campus station be able to take a dime away from their ledgers and become less dependent on the College ie the taxpayer

Item 6) The college lawyer ghostwriting the "decisions" of the Executive Committee and the Board not only never being informed, but never getting independent legal counsel.

Which brings us to what would be

Item 7) When was this Board meeting at which the decision to return the licence was made, what kind of notice was given, was there a quorum, who voted, etc. Doesn't anyone find it odd the volunteers like Broose were not warned at all, not even by their "representatives" on the Board?

As John Hotchkiss and others noted to me tonight, since they have lied about these things before (see my ouster and appeal), this may well have been a decision not of the full Board, but of the "Executive Committee" that was under CRTC investigation, to avoid the hearing and any mention of any of the above.

THAT dirty laundry. Just like Crunchy alluded to.

crunchy floor said...

I was referring to the blow by blow accounting of things as the CRTC reviewed RRCC's application for their license renewal.If the process continued, 'people' like the Globe and Mail, National Post and other local media would have picked up the story and caused all sorts of executive static in the offices of Big Education on Princess Street.
Continued media exposure to the general public would have stirred the hornet's nest until those responsible would have been stung by the truth being aired over and over again.
As it stands, they have washed their hands of this mess with the Freep's soap and everyone can carry on as if nothing happened.
Does this answer your question?

cherenkov said...

Yes. Thanks.

Riverman said...

A wonderful collage was produced for the last broadcast, but the plug was pulled on the transmitter halfway through its airing. Here is a link.

cherenkov said...

Thanks for that Riverman. I gave it a listen. No Buddha in the mash-up?

Riverman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Riverman said...

J.T. Springrolls spicy pork on a skewer is amazing!

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