Wednesday 27 February 2008

Increase the speed limit!

It sounds like we are getting one step closer to increasing the speed limit on the TransCanada Highway. This is goodness. There is absolutely no reason why we should be restricted to crawling along on a 4-lane divided highway at the same speed limits used by K-cars with drum brakes back in the early 80's.

Now the old grannys and paranoid mini-van mothers will whine that the higher speed limits will increase the risk of serious accidents.

First off, that's not necessarily true (example: "Despite the prevailing high speeds, the accident, injury and death rates on the Autobahn are remarkably low"). In fact, lower speed limits can result in higher speed differentials which can lead to more accidents. (I found this out while researching my defence for a speeding ticket).

Secondly, if you buy into that argument, driving at 10 km/h could reduce accidents too. You ought to set speed limits at the highest speed with reasonable accident rates. On the TCH, I submit that would be at least 110 km/h.

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