Tuesday 19 February 2008

Why I hate Safeway

I go to the grocery store the other day. It happened to be Safeway, because I was in a hurry and that was closest. I go to get a cart, but I don't have a quarter and there was a line-up at customer service so I couldn't "borrow" a quarter so I had to use a basket. I ended up walking around with a 40-lb basket in one hand and two cases of pop under the other arm.

Anyhow ... I needed to buy some parsley. No bulk parsley anywhere. Had to buy 5 cents worth of "Organic" parsley in a plastic container that weighs more than the actual product, for $2.50. Jesus. It would be cheaper for me to eat at 529 Wellington everyday than to make a meal out of "Organic" food.

So I got my parsley ... I head over to the meat department to buy 2 lbs of ground beef. I can't buy 2 bloody pounds of ground beef!! Here are my choices for ground beef: 560 grams or 1.14 kg. What the fuck?? Every recipe on the planet calls for an even pound of ground beef. ONE pound. Not 1 1/3. Not 2 1/2. Of course the beef is also packed in a giant shrink-wrapped styrofoam container to maximize the environmental destruction coefficient of the product.

I hauled my 40 lbs of tomato sauce and beef and vegetables and noodles and cheese, etc.. and my two cases of pop over to the check-out, so I could get my Safeway club-card "savings" (ie. what you would pay normally at Sobeys). I think the check-out lady sensed that I was in a bad mood because she didn't ask me if I found everything I needed. She asked the guy after me, but didn't dare to ask me. ("You want to know what I need? TWO FUCKING POUNDS OF GROUND BEEF!") Heh. Lucky her. Do I need help out to the car? No, that's alright. I lugged this shit around until now. I can carry it a little further, thanks.

I don't care if they have wireless internet. Safeway sucks.

I promise my next post will be about something that matters. Just had to get that off my chest. Thanks.

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