Thursday 3 April 2008

The cheese eating surrender-monkeys are coming!

I have to say I kind of like this Sarkozy dude. First off, the guy is 53 years old, twice divorced, and now he's nailing this:

Gotta give him props for that. [note: I had a different picture up at first, but replaced it for the benefit of those of you at the office. If you want to see it, go here]. Secondly, while leading a nation of passive anti-Americans, he took the step of committing additional French soldiers to serve in relatively dangerous Eastern Afghanistan. Sure, it's only 700 soldiers, but that's a lot more than many of our European allies are contributing, including the Germans. Yes, I know, technically Germany has troops in Afghanistan, but they avoid any sort of mission that could possibly result in them getting dust on their boots, so they don't count. (*)

The French contributions led to a US transfer of troops to Kandahar province, which is good news for Canada. It is sad that our funny-speaking NATO partners are so hesitant join us in the field, but that is really a direct result of the war in Iraq. The US administration tried so hard to link Iraq to Al Qaeda to justify the invasion that the two wars are one-in-the-same for many Europeans. The unpopularity of Iraq has spilled over to Afghanistan, here in Canada too, but moreso in Europe. But anyhow ... hooray for Sarkozy! (and for Carla!)

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