Monday 7 April 2008

Signs of spring

How we at the Peanut can tell that spring has arrived:

  • retarded Canada geese flying north. (The smart[er] ones come later)
  • Harleys in front of the Marion Hotel
  • patios (Yay!)
  • water covering the floor of my garage
  • $800 suspension repair on my car
  • squirrels fucking in my back yard.
  • start of the Toronto Maple Leafs spring golf league.
  • really really annoying construction projects:

Ahhhh ... I've waiting so long for this time to come!


Anonymous said...

The water on the floor of my garage really bugs house I build will have a drain !

cherenkov said...

Anon: attached garage? Mine is detatched. I'm looking at a pricey mud-jacking job to fix, but should be do-able. Attached would be tricky.

Shaun M Wheeler said...

Sorry to hear about the water in your garage. I've had the same problem in years past, although in my basement (along with a resulting mold problem).

Strangely, I had no water in the basement this year. Weird.

cherenkov said...

cj: I had water in the basement too, previously. Thankfully the foundation repair was relatively minor & the weeping tiles work well. Damn, houses are expensive though, eh? And I'm just getting started...

Shaun M Wheeler said...

I know... I almost dread seeing the estimates for the things I have planned...

Anonymous said...

I've already driven the Bishop Grandin diversion a few times today. That is going to be a total mess for work tomorrow.

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