Sunday 14 September 2008

Canada Post Water Park?

Back in January I posted this, regarding the $7 mil donation from the city for a new water park:

Here's an idea though: how about the soon-to-be-abandoned Canada Post building in downtown Winnipeg? Will the near-by Radisson step up to the plate?
Since then, the $7 mil got ear-marked for Leo Ledohowski for one of his CanadInns hotels. Although Sammy's preference was to see a water park downtown, Leo's plan was to build it at Polo Park:
The city will kick in $7 million towards the $56 million project that will be built at the Canada Inns hotel near Polo Park. (ctv)
But now ... with the stadium moving to the U of M, and Leo's recent purchase of the radission ...
"it's too early to tell what combination of restaurants, entertainment concepts, night clubs or water parks will be launched at the hotel" (fp)
... might Leo instead consider building the "world class" water park downtown instead? Possibly in the soon-to-be-abandoned Canada Post building???


Christian Cassidy said...

actually they could keep all of the old parcel moving equipment in place. There must be 50 kms of conveyor belts going up and down and from floor to floor. Would make for a great ride, just add a bit of spray !

cherenkov said...

Thinking outside the box .. nice.

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