Tuesday 30 December 2008

Since you brought it up...

Here's the old abortion debate again, courtesy of an either bored or shit-disturbing Rod Bruinooge. He wants to push a pro-life agenda into the spotlight once again.

Very few Canadians appreciate the fact that essentially until a child takes its first breath, it has less value than a kidney -cbc-
That's just nonsense. If you could sell a fetus on the black market, the value of the stem cells alone would be worth far more than a kidney.

Wisely, the PMO is distancing itself from this crap hole of an issue. Stuff like this invokes the old fears of a hidden social conservative agenda that threatens to Americanize Canadian society.

So, Mr.Bruinooge, are you proposing that all abortions become illegal again, or are you proposing some kind of a compromise? For example, we could chop up (sorry, bad term ... um, segment?) pregnancy terms into trimesters: First trimester: all the abortions you want. Second: only under specific conditions (eg. pre-natal blood test shows that the baby is likely to be a socialist). Third: only if medically necessary. If late term abortions are rare anyhow, as pro-lifers claim, then is there anything to be gained by pursuing legislation like this? Is the status quo somehow broken enough to warrant opening this can of worms?

Those, like Bruinie, in the pro-life camp obviously feel that the status quo is not acceptable, and by not acceptable, I mean that people are getting abortions under circumstances that they do not deem to be appropriate. However that is a values question, and the values of the pro-lifers are most often driven by their religious convictions, and religion as we all know, has no place in the legislation of the nation. Stop foisting your bible-thumping ideals on us, Brunie, and let us be.


Anonymous said...

Just a trial balloon. No reason for the PM to float it, let a minion do it.

For clarification see how Magnifico took the sword for Katz on proposed hog plant. Its a necessary strategy or you are too stupid to see how you are being used

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be picky, but I think you mean "pro life" in the first graf.

cherenkov said...

Oops. Fixed. Thanks Curtis.

Anon: what kind of a trial balloon is that? You know exactly what the reaction is going to be. We've been there already. Harper successfully purged this issue from his platform a couple years ago, and now he's testing it out again? I don't think so.

Suzanne said...

When 19th-century abolitionists opposed slavery based on their Christian beliefs, should they have kept quiet as well?

cherenkov said...

Interesting angle there Suzanne. Unfortunately for you abortion and slavery are completely different things. Slavery is more or less a black and white issue (no pun intended) where as abortion is a big grey area. At what point it is not OK to abort a pregnancy? When the one cell splits into two? When the little dude grows his first eye ball or develops a heart beat? There is no general agreement on when a fetus becomes an embryo becomes a person.

Slavery imposed lasting hardship upon people who were awake and aware of their situation. People who were able to feel the sting of the whip on their back and the hunger in their stomach. People who would relive the degradation and abuse over and over again for the rest of their lives.

If you're concerned about the pain suffered by a fetus, then I suggest you abort all pregnancies because squeezing through that birth canal must be terribly traumatic for the baby. The problem with abortion is not pain and suffering on the part of the "victim" as it is with slavery. The problem with abortion is that it makes you as an adult feel uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

My body, my decision, my choice. No political debates or viewpoints needed from the right wing political base.

Prairie Chicken... said...

my body, my choice.
i can tell you that if you ever do have an abortion they pull you into a counselling room and provide birth control options and will even give you a depo birth control shot right then and there if thats what you want.
i had the misfortune of knowing someone that had a total of 6 abortions.... i firmly believe that after 2 abortions you should be forced into some sort of counselling on a regular basis. abortion is not a birth control.
i'm also against abortion in later trimesters but within the first 2-3 months i think its nobody's choice but your own.

cherenkov said...

6 abortions... good lord. That person has problems.

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