Wednesday 26 August 2009

Sen. Ted Kennedy

The Peanut says good bye to Senator Ted Kennedy today.

Kennedy was a vocal supporter of health care reform. In fact, an exclusive source has told Anybody Want A Peanut? that Kennedy intentionally died in order to help boost Obama's lagging health care reform campaign.

I may need to vet my sources a little better.

Not your typical stuffed suit or partisan hack, Mr. Kennedy was good for American politics and Washington won't be the same without him.


OMMAG said...


I'm more than a little annoyed at all the vitriol being spewed about Kennedy. Not the time or place.

Of course the MSMers are all slobbering as if he was a saint...

From my point of view everything that I though about him has been well documented before this came to pass.

Anyway .... got any thoughts on Doer?

cherenkov said...

I have all kinds of thoughts on Doer. No time to articulate them in my blog yet, but I'll probably get around to that in a month or two. Let's just say that this is a positive development.

My post back in May called "Timing is everything" will tell you a lot about what I think of Doer.

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