Monday 10 August 2009

Blogging in the summer

I have noticed that many blogs have slowed to a crawl or stopped entirely for the summer. I had no intention of slacking off over the summer, but with only two posts in the past three weeks, and 50% of those being about dead pop stars, I admit that I have not been doing my share to put the newspapers out of business.

This serves to illustrate just how silly discussions are about how blogs are a threat to mainstream media. There are some local bloggers who are going strong, but except for an elite few bloggers who earn a living off their web site, none of us get paid diddly for what we do, and hence there are no deadlines and no requirement to punch out quality pieces on a regular basis.

That is why I am posting this boring crap that you're reading right now. It's not because nothing is happening, and there is nothing to comment on. It's just that I don't feel like covering it at the moment. I started typing up a post on the traffic ticket quotas last week, when a little voice in my brain said "fuck it" (forgive my brain for its language) and I shut it down. It doesn't help that with the golf and the camping and the baseball and the beer drinking that I usually don't even sit down at the computer until 11:30 PM or later. So sue me. If this summer were actually HOT like summer is supposed to be, I probably wouldn't even boot up at all.

But we'll see ... I have a few ideas bouncing around in my noggin for blog posts that will blow your mind (or at least mildly entertain you), and maybe something else will come up that will capture my imagination. I also may post more cartoons or doodles like this this or this.

'till next time ....


Anonymous said...

bloggin is not to be taken too seriously.

What with crackpots complaining about stinky water, where people should or should not build, decrepit buildings, lack of vision, who's runnin where and why, and other topics perhaps viewed by a few hundred and ignored by hundreds of thousands,me thinks bloggin is akin to the cartoon section of a paper.

cherenkov said...

I hear ya, and somewhat agree, but sometimes bloggers offer useful insight that could benefit a wider audience. To some extent its an under appreciated medium, but it will never put the professionals out of business.

Grumpy Old Man said...

Some bloggers take themselves far too seriously but I do agree with ya cherenkov. There is a place for them and they do often provide interesting and amusing reading.

Then there are the peeps that have nothing nice to say and complain about [b]everything[/b]. Those peeps maybe I will ignore.

cherenkov said...

I'm glad to see that I haven't crossed that line yet!

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

"I have noticed that many blogs have slowed to a crawl or stopped entirely for the summer."

What are you getting at?

The outdoors doth call I'm lucky to have 1-2 up a day and my hits are also taking a shit kicking.

Were a threat because of what the MSM will not post.

The Islamic cartoons, the knoxville 5, CHRC corruption etc.

Blogers are more like openline radio they are real people not the politically correct [non representative] lot that make up the sun freep etc etc. And all have essentially the same opinion.

None of them covered belgium arresting democratically elected leaders for holding a public rally. Do you think if Bush had arrested Obama for talking about healthcare, it would have been in big letters on the front of the Sun or free press? bet your ass it would.

Even if I get the paper it's to look for jobs I don't read the drivel. If I want to know whats going on I'll go to SDA Mitchieville or here!

Now put some google adds on your site if you want $$$$$$. besides they are having layoffs not bloggers.

cherenkov said...

I can't imagine that I could make much money off Google ads. My traffic is a fraction of yours, or most of the more established sites. Besides, I don't really need the money .. which is another reason why I can't be counted on to delivery the goods on my blog. :-)

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