Thursday 7 May 2009

Those little eye balls would make nice buttons

Breaking news out of Ottawa:

Canadian MPs have pushed forward a motion urging Canada's 2010 Olympic team to add seal skin to their uniforms to show solidarity for the embattled East Coast seal hunters.
It goes on to say that the motion received unanimous support. Really? This is surprising. Obviously none of our MPs are familiar with GAASP -- the Generally Accepted Animal Slaughter Principals.

GAASP clearly states that it is wrong to kill cute, fuzzy little animals. Only big, ugly and/or hairless animals may be slaughtered. How all of these highly-paid MPs could be ignorant of this important principle is beyond me.


Scott MacNeil said...


Read this last night but was laughing to hard to pot a comment. GASSP ... ha, ha,

cherenkov said...

If I can make just one arse smile then it's all been worth while.

The Traveler said...

This is so sad as the goverment should not be in the staging protest bussines. The Olympics have enough of this already and what happened to free speech , some agree with Europe it is barbaric for a coat for some rich women to wear .

cherenkov said...

Jim, I think it's kind of silly for the gov't to get involved in this too. By the way, why is it more barbaric than trapping mink or even wearing leather?

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