Sunday 10 May 2009

Iggy Flu Roundabout Seven Video Emails

For those of you following the career of young Manitoba artist Sierra Noble, her new video is on YouTube:

It's also in circulation on CMT and MMM. You can also vote for it on CMT here.


One down, 2186 to go. Also: Wpg Sun.


BREAKING NEWS: Old person dies of regular flu. Nobody panics.



If you don't already have him bookmarked, check out The View From Seven (seven what? seven thousand feet?) by Kevin McDougald. He's fairly prolific and puts a lot of work into his posts, often including graphs and even an honest-to-God bibliography in his CKND bio. As the laziest blogger in town I am shamed by his work ethic.


I have changed my email address from my old address to Why? Fewer letters to type. Did I mention I was lazy?


The View from Seven said...

Thanks for the good word, Cherenkov! I appreciate it.

As for the story behind the name "The View from Seven": When I first launched the blog, I found myself casting about for a name. In some cases, a particular name had already been claimed by another Wordpress user. In other cases, the name that I had in mind risked being confused with other blogs, or of infringing somebody's business name.

I looked out at the view from my seventh floor balcony and decided to try out "The View from Seven". It seemed to work, though perhaps "The View from the Seventh Floor" would have been better still. Then again, the ambiguity might breed curiousity...

cherenkov said...

Ah ... I thought it was some kind of aviation reference. :-) I prefer "Seven" to "Seventh Floor", so good choice IMO.

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