Thursday 21 May 2009

Flunking Phys Ed much?

I was just clicking around on the CNN web site trying to figure out why Dick Cheney continues to show his face in public instead of relaxing at home in his swimming pool of Haliburton cash, when I noticed this story:

Authorities arrest mom for medical neglect of 555-pound teen

"The understanding was that the individual (14 years old) was of the weight where it was decided by medical authorities that he needed treatment that was not being provided for by his mother"

This is one of those stories where you have to wonder: how the heck does that happen? I checked, and Greenville County SC does not rate particularly high on the Gluttony map of the US

Although it does have a pretty high ranking for Sloth:

There is a case to be made for mandatory physical activity in school (I'm assuming this kid went to school ... that might be a mistake), not to mention mandatory sterilization for unfit parents.

maps h/t: Alfredo Octavio

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