Monday 25 May 2009

Monday night doodles

A little editorial cartoon of Iggy and Harper:

My original version had Harper speaking in binary, but I changed it at the last minute. Done with pencil-on-paper and 'inked in' on the computer. I might do a full-colour version.

*update* I cleaned 'er up a little bit more and added some colour:

Better? Did I make Iggy's eye brows big enough? Because I can make them bigger ... just say the word.


Scott MacNeil said...

You can make the eyebrows larger - but for sure you have to give Harpo a Pinnochio nose!

Anonymous said...

Harper looks like a Southpark character. You should try and pin that conceited grin on his face.

Also, I do believe you misspelled 'algorithm'

cherenkov said...

Arse: I tried giving him a nose but it just didn't look right. I should try again using a light-bulb as a nose. That's kind of what it looks like anyhow ...

Anon: I believe I misspelled it too, but let's just pretend I didn't.

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