Tuesday 5 May 2009

Buenos Cinqo de Mayo, Amigos

Happy fifth of May. They call it "May" because the trees may sprout leaves sometime this month. Did a giant volcano explode somewhere that I don't know about?

Anyhow ... a couple of quick local thoughts for the morning:

Trouble in Ham Town

Looks like it will be another summer of accidental hog barn fires ...

A Natural Fit

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is starting up a magazine. Sure ... why not? Now we have public agencies in the shopping mall/real estate and magazine businesses. You have to diversify to survive in today's economy, you know.

In related news, Manitoba Hydro has bought a 2% stake in Chrysler Corp., and MLCC is starting up a high school theater company.


Anonymous said...

I am sure noticing alot of Hydro commercials when I am watching PGA golf on the weekends too.

Grumpy Old Man said...

Hydro does not need to advertise. Or support marathons. Or donate to museums.

WTF is going on?

cherenkov said...

I agree ... I don't think that crown corps or publicly-funded organizations should be allowed to advertise except for necessary public service announcements. Such advertising can only be for political purposes, but these organizations should concentrate on running their businesses with maximum benefit to the taxpayer and stay out of political maneuvering.

That goes for the nurse's union too.

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