Wednesday 4 November 2009

Coach Ingram

The Peanut would like to congratulate Derek Ingram for landing a new gig as head coach of the national women's amateur golf team. In addition to private lessons at Elmhurst, Derek has been the coach of the local Bison university team, and has a hand in developing the next wave of Canadian men's golfers like Matt Hill and Nick Taylor -- two of the top ranked amateurs in the world -- as one of the coaches of the Canadian men's amateur team. I do not know if he will continue with these other jobs in addition to the new one and his private teaching. I suspect that he will drop the amateur men's job.

Useless trivia: Derek was a high school class mate of the Free Presses' Bartley Kives back in Garden City.


Anonymous said...

It's true. There is a Garden City conspiracy to take over the world.

Derek and I hatched this plan back in 1988, when he used to wear lime green pants and I looked suspiciously liked Larry Gowan.


Anonymous said...

Phil Sheegl went to Garden City too, definately a conspiracy

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