Tuesday 22 June 2010

Ooooo goodie ... a spy game for geek bloggers!

I turned on CBC about 90 minutes ago, and I think they have spent about 10 minutes of that NOT showing or talking about their interview with CSIS head Richard Fadden. They are pretty damn proud of this interview where Fadden is coyly suggesting that certain Canadian politicians are under the thumb of foreign governments ... without naming names of course. This is a juicy little story about espionage and power and devious communist governments that are using our treasured elected leaders to aid their plans for world domination. Damn it Pinky, we need to stop them!

So now it's up to the bloggers and pundits to figure out who Fadden was talking about. There are municipal politicians and at least two provincial cabinet ministers. He made it very clear that China was one of those countries that's exerting it's influence through our leaders, and suggested that these ties are nurtured in early years through university clubs and alike with people who have natural ties to those countries. Ok ... so we're looking for politicians with Chinese heritage. Olivia Chow? No .. she's federal.

BC is a logical place to start: Ida Chong, Jenny Kwan ... What about Ontario? Mike Chan ... um ... John O'Toole? Hmm.. There aren't that many to pick from here. This should be pretty easy.

What about Manitoba? A quick scan of our MLAs doesn't turn up any obvious Chinese communist sympathizers, although I suspect that Dave Chomiak may be an alien. However, some might suggest that if there is anything resembling a communist hot bed in Canada, it would be here in Winnipeg -- where we once briefly had a mural of Karl Marx. Plus there's that whole thing with the general strike and all that.

Unfortunately it's getting close to my bed time, and I know I'm not going to have the time or motivation to look into this any further. But have no fear. I'm sure that by the time I hit "publish" in my blogger screen, there will be a hundred other blog posts out there speculating about who the traitors are. I think it's that O'Toole guy. He's got that look in his eye.

Interesting stuff. Well done, Mansbridge. Well done.


unclebob said...

Chomiak, Chinese alien? Probably not. Martian alien ....maybe

Seriously though my information suggests infiltration into the BC provincial government

Manitoba Dave said...

My guess would be Alberta as one of the two.

The CBC story mentioned a connection with mining concerns and the only major mining interventions from China I can remember reading about in recent memory are huge new investments in the Alberta Tar Sands. (c. G&M Story on Sinopec)

cherenkov said...

@Bob: Yes, I meant the martian-type alien.

You would figure that BC would be a natural place for infiltration given the large Asian population, but MB Dave has a good point too ... I'm sure China would love to have some influence over our energy and oil policies. It's just harder to picture a politician in Alberta being swayed by a communist foreign government.

unclebob said...

I have had some personal experience in this area so I am quite convinced the leak was not accidental

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