Thursday 10 June 2010

Yes the weather sucks ...

... but it could be worse:

I often check out the Environment Canada Satellite imagery to see how systems are moving around, and it seems like every time I look there is a massive storm passing through South Dakota. Just an observation.

By the way, I noticed that our sunny and 23 weekend is all of a sudden rainy and 17. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

Winnipeg's weather sucks 90 per cent of the time. Before I moved here everybody always told me about the great Winnipeg summers. Well, I have seen one great summer here in a little over a decade. The weather stinks here, January through December. IT STINKS!

cherenkov said...

Oh come now. Last fall was awesome, the winter was short and mild, and up until May rolled around, this spring was really nice too. The past month and a half has been crap, but I'm still hopeful for a nice summer.

Where did you live before, where the weather was so awesome?

Anonymous said...

Winnipeggers are so desperate for decent weather that they get one month of good weather or one fluky mild winter and they dance for joy. Beggars are happy with scraps.

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