Wednesday 25 August 2010

Canadian Women's Open : notes from the practice round

  • Ai Miyazato is not only the world #1 right now, and about 3' 2" tall, she is also very friendly and positive. She would be fun to golf with even if she sucked.

  • Sam Katz is not a horrible golfer. I saw him tee off on the par 3 #8, and not only did he not hit anybody in the face, but he got it on the green.
  • Phil Sheegl was also out there golfing. I wonder how many other city bureaucrats were in the pro-am, and I wonder if they paid the $3000 $10,000 to do it out of their own pockets. Hmmm.
  • Cute little Korean girls are to women's golf what leggy blond Russians are to women's tennis.
  • Notoriety draws the attention, not talent. While Ai Miyazato is currently the #1 golfer and last week's winner, her crowds were small while Michelle Wie had a floatila of media and fans following her.
    Michelle teeing off on #15:

    ... I don't know what happened to the sound with that video.
  • Although Michelle made the birdie putt after the above tee shot, putting is definitely the weak part of her game.
  • If the temp tomorrow is supposed to be 27, I had better wear my mesh tank top to stay cool, 'cause I was damn warm today and it was only 21.
  • Canadian or Bud Light: $6.25. Negra Modelo: $6.25. I don't understand the pricing, but I'll take the Negra Modelo thank you.

  • Yummm. :-)
    Oh ... I was, ah, still talking about the beer. Ya.. That's it.

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