Thursday 11 October 2007

Grab your glocks when you see your ex

I stumbled across this today:

Sounds logical to me

Shirley Katz, a schoolteacher in Medford, Oregon and a licensed handgun permit holder, wishes to carry her Glock with her in school, which she can legally do under Oregon law. Her reasons? She apparently has a violent ex-husband, and she worries about a school shooting situation in which she would be unable to defend herself and her students from harm.

She wants to bring a freakin’ gun to WORK! At a SCHOOL! Why? Because she is coming off a bad relationship. This is so retarded I don’t even know where to start.No surprise, the Super Intendant “insists employees and students are safer without guns on campus”. So, of course, Mrs Katz is suing the school.

Is she going to wear this gun on her belt whenever she is teaching, or will she keep it in her purse, sitting on some chair or desk where it will be completely useless if this mad man bursts in and starts shooting? This cannot be justified by referring to those other horrible school shootings because the circumstances here are different: it is a personal issue with one person. That means, if this dude walks into the school, he is not going to start shooting until he sees Mrs Katz, at which time she will be fucked, Glock or no Glock. Meanwhile, there will be plenty of opportunities for angry, hormone-infested teenagers to try to steal her piece when she’s not looking.

I can see nothing but a positive outcome should some nutcase student try to take over and shoot up her class”. LOL. Oh ya, that sounds positive to me.

You better back the fuck up
Before you get smacked the fuck up
Ya, this is how we do it in our school
Any of you exs that want to bring it,
Bring it.
But we ain't teaching,
We bringing drama
fuck you and your mother fucking mama.

(apologies to the late Tupac)


Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

cherenkov said...

Thanks, Tim!

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