Wednesday 24 October 2007

More good stuff from Auditor General

In other news ... the MB Auditor General came out today with a new report on the Spirited Energy campaign which gave the Government a passing grade in the spending of $3.1m. Of course, this is the same Auditor General who sat on the Crocus board in 2005 when the fund collapsed, and later said that an incriminating document that proves the government was aware of all fund's problems was fully taken into account in the 2005 auditor general's report which, surprise, makes no mention of the report.* Excuse me if I don't believe a damn thing Ms. Bellringer says.

Of course, even if the spending on the Spirited Energy campaign was above board, it is still a waste of money, and the government still lied to us about where the money came from. Convenient that the report specifically excludes any analysis of in-kind contributions and private sector spending.

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