Thursday 18 October 2007

Man dies 672 days after being Tasered

Jim Balkonie, 52, died this week after being subdued by police with a Taser. Witnesses say that, as best as they can recall, Jim was being belligerent -- yelling and swinging either a baseball bat or a shopping bag full of ice cream. One man thought he remembered Jim stapling bar coasters to his forehead, although that has not been confirmed. What we do know is that once police arrived on the scene, they shot the morbidly obese diabetic with the supposedly "non-lethal" Taser gun, which blasts a 50,000 volt shock through the body, immediately rendering the victim incapacitated.

His family is distraught that his life could be taken at such a young age. Although police deny that the Taser was responsible, and in fact had difficulty remembering the man at all, the family has no doubt about the cause of death and is launching a $4,200,003 law suit against the Idaho police and Taser International. Jim's closest friends, including his heart surgeon and his oncologist, are said to be in mourning.

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