Wednesday 21 January 2009

News Roundup: Cabs, QBs, and megawatts

Duffy's, Unicity apply for new cab licences

The Manitoba Taxicab Board is nearing the end of extensive hearings that began nearly a year ago on applications for 800 more taxi licences. Today the board heard an application from Duffy’s and Unicity for any and all new licences the board may issue.
How much is this board costing us? Turn these hearings over to me and I'll save everybody money:

Duffy's/Unicity exec: "We would like to apply for 800 additional licenses for ..."
Me: "Go fuck yourself"

There. Done.

There's no reason for this board to even exist. With some basic standards and regulations in place the industry should be opened up to whoever wishes to participate, and customer demand will determine how many cabs are on the street. But, if we are going to regulate licenses, there's no way in hell any more should go to Duffy's or Unicity so that they can further entrench their duopoly. This is not a healthy way to run an industry.

Bombers trade for Esks' QB

I like that we're looking at moving Glenn and reworking the QB position, but why are we trading for another 3rd stringer? We have three of them already. We need a proven performer.

Of our current crop I like the look of
Bryan Randall the most, but none of these guys have much experience.

Hydro eyeing historic buildings for new substation

I'm with rgalston on this one. Does this make any sense? Of all the parking lots and underutilized spaces in downtown Winnipeg, Hydro wants to put a substation here? That will certainly limit the revitalization potential of the area.


Scott MacNeil said...

Gotta love the Taxi Board Gong Show. Self-serving antiquated holdover for the past - it should be abolished.

Hmmm,... remind me again? Who has the power to bring an end to this miserable Board's antiquarian existence with the simple stroke of a pen? Surely, oh freaking 'pray tell', 'tis not the 'Doer-less-than-best' government - IS IT?

The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

The professional reporters covering the hearings have failed to clarify what was being argued, and evidentally their editors were mulling over buyout offers.

NO ONE including Duffys or Unicity applied for "800" plates to be added to city streets. Rather, that was the cumulative total of all the applications, one group applied for 150, another for 50, etc etc.

As for the TCB,the Filmon government tried to backdoor taxicab regulation onto an unsuspecting city and Sue Thompson in April or May of 93-and I know cause I saw her face when I told a city committee about it - and that was the end of any discussion of what is the obvious first question:

Why do provincial appointees dictate how taxis operate in the city of Winnipeg, but not Brandon, Thompson or any other municipality?

Another question diligently avoided by MSM is: who is the city rep on the TCB accountable to? since he (in this era Harry Lazarenko) does not report back to council.

Anonymous said...

Marty, Marty, Marty... way to stick up for the Duffy's/Unicity duopoly. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact they sponsor your little program now, would it? Are you really that much better than the "professional reporters" or editors that you like to run down for pushing their masters' agendas on the public? Hypocrite.

The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

Nice try BS, but you will not succeed in distorting my comment or in goading me into name-calling.

Please cite where I "stick up" for anything other than accurate reporting. Or where my observations were in any way not accurate or biased.

If you bothered to listen to my program, I have frequently stated on the air, that I believe there may be logic in expanding the quota and the owner base. And I have said so in conversation with cab executives too.

Peanuts' post raises the issue of the necessity of a cab board and of regulation for our city.

To me that discussion must start with, why does the provincial government dictate our municipal policy and who represents the city on that board?

cherenkov said...

Marty, you appear to be correct that Duffy's and Unicity did not specifically apply for 800 plates. Instead, they have applied for "any and all" of them, which is even worse!

I don't think the discussion should be who regulating this industry, but if this level of regulation is even required. Please, somebody explain to me the specific market failure in this industry that requires it to be government-regulated duopoly!

cherenkov said...

I caught a little bit of your talk show today. "duopoly" is the correct term. It doesn't matter is a firm has a single owner or a thousand shareholders, it operates as a single entity and responds in the market accordingly. The cab industry in Winnipeg is not a "true" duopoly in that there are other smaller players, but it is a de facto duopoly because two entities dominate the industry.

The Great Canadian Talk Show said...

Thanks for explaining that, I'll try to make use of it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone feels like letting them have it:

Manitoba Hydro Contact: Bob Brennan, President & CEO, 474-3600

cherenkov said...

There's no need, anon. That project is not going ahead. If I call Brennan about anything it will be bipole III.

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