Monday 26 January 2009

Toronto identity crisis?

Could it be that The Centre of the Universe has low self esteem? Maybe not quite, but they appear to feel the need to re-image themselves:

Wanted: World-class nickname for Toronto

Invest Toronto, the city's fledgling investment attraction agency, canvassed more than 100 business, academic, labour and community leaders across the city this week about how to promote jobs, investment and excitement in Toronto.

The city hired Greg Clark, a London-based economic development guru who advises cities around the globe, to run the three days of consultations last week.
The title is misleading. It's not necessarily a nickname that they're looking for, although I could probably drum up a few if they want (Gallbladder of the Continent, Former home of the world's tallest building, Almost American, Forever Yonge*, ... should I go on?)

I am sure this Greg Clark dude doesn't come cheap, but I suspect they will get more bang for their buck than Manitoba did when they spent $600,000 to come up with Spirited Energy. Their approach involves bringing community leaders together in a brainstorming session that is open to any and all ideas to promote the city. What we got with the province was an expensive nickname that didn't really mean anything, and an even more expensive ad campaign, foisted upon us by a group of the Premier's buddies.

In reality what they're doing is probably more akin to The Business Call Team Initiative, but I can't pass up an opportunity to knock Spirited Energy...

*actually, this one isn't a product of my own brain. Forever Yonge was the title of a Car & Driver article where John Phillips drives the entire length of Yonge Street, the longest road in Canada.

h/t the broom

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Anonymous said...

As a Montrealer, I always thought HogTown fit .

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