Wednesday 17 June 2009

Bombers and growth spurts and hydro lines


Does Mike Kelly actually know what he's doing? I didn't go to the Bomber preseason game today, but caught some of it on 'OB and things went pretty well. Stefan LeFors impressed the announcers, some other new guys played well, general execution was good and play calling was not as predictable as it usually is in Bomberville. All good stuff, but remember that the Goldeyes were winless in the preseason but are tearing up the regular season. Let's not get too excited about this win.

Bryan Randall also played well, going 4 for 7 , and was called a "bright young fellow" by one of the announcers. This caught my ear because the rumour on the street is that Randall is dumber than a bag of potato chips with a concussion. However he gave an articulate post game interview and played smart football, so I'm willing to disregard those rumours (as I continue to spread them on my blog).

Can I pick none of the above?

Hydro consulting Manitobans on routes for new power line

This is kind of like deciding which eye to poke out. One eye may be better than the other, but the best option by far is to poke out neither. Still, neither Gary Doer nor Manitoba Hydro has provided a compelling reason for not putting the route down the far cheaper and more environmentally friendly East side. All reasons provided so far are farcical. They're afraid the Americans won't by our green power? Riiiiiiiiiiiight ....

Patrick McGarry, Hydro's senior environmental assessment officer, says "Our approach to route selection is avoid, avoid, avoid". Well if that's the case, then I really suggest you get your nose to the grindstone and take a serious look at how to put that hydro line through the bottom of Lake Winnipeg.

Surge in population includes a smiley blogger

I see that our blog-buddy Laurel has a cameo in the new Bartley Kives column "City in a growth spurt". Are population forecasts any more accurate than long-term weather forecasts? I don't know, but it's good to see growth. Now where to put all these new migrants ... Getting rid of the rent controls might spur some apartment development for starters. I would rather see more density through condo/apartment infill developing than urban sprawl. I can say that because I have my own little slice of wormy suburbian utopia locked up already.

By the way, if you want to know what I look like I'll meet you at the Lo pub for a beer. Otherwise forget it.


Anonymous said...

Hey. That was a news story, not a column.

My ugly mug appears next to columns.


cherenkov said...

Oops. Sorry. To me everything is a column, but I'll look out for the distinction in the future...

Shaun M Wheeler said...

When are you going for beer?

cherenkov said...

When ever somebody wants to meet me for a beer. After work usually works fer me.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize ... I just strive to make sure everyone gets the distinction between news and opinion, especially since I do both at the paper. Thanks.

Hope you guys successfully obtained that beer.


Aar said...

NB: Cherenkov did not adjust the post to read "news story" instead of "column". That's awesome. :P

cherenkov said...

Hey, it's a "news column" as opposed to an "editorial column". If it's got words and shaped like a column, then it's a column in my books!

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