Wednesday 3 June 2009

Development O' My City

Hmm. I wonder if the good people at Winnipeg O' My Heart will do a story on the ridiculousness that is development in the city of Winnipeg? With the constant battles between developers, NIMBYs, heritage advocates, millionaires with their tax-supported projects, and plain ol' concerned citizens, I have to wonder: is any city as neurotic as Winnipeg?


Christian Cassidy said...

Sadly, in the end, we all want many of the same things. We just never learned how to get there together.

Anonymous said...

Not here long enough to complain. Give em a couple of years.

Aaron said...

Hee hee...oh I'll complain! I have heard there's a lot of red tape surrounding development here in the city, and also that civic politics can get in the way...big time.

I think most cities, and at least most communities, are as neurotic as Winnipeg. As for NIMBYs, there are quite a few of them here in the city. What about the new drug rehabilitation centre? People seem to be sharply opposed to this being in TBY. Ugh. Nobody really gives deep thought to the necessity of these centres before declaring it to be a personal attack on their neighbourhood.

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