Wednesday 10 June 2009

Lying through her pyjamas

I was reading a two month old copy of Maclean's today, and found a little story about a "pyjama party" hosted by Lisa Raitt. She had invited female staffers over for a martini and mentoring get-together at her house. No word on if they all took off their clothes and had a big pillow fight. However we do know that Mrs. Raitt had some words of advice for the staffers which, in addition to "know your files" and "wear high heals", included "Do not trash other women—it reflects poorly on you, not them."

This is the same Lisa Raitt who we now know, three months earlier, was trashing fellow female MP Leona Aglukkaq to fellow pyjama-partyee Jasmine MacDonnell. Just thought I should share this little ironic discovery.

By the way, the pyjama party has turned into a martini party on the Maclean's home page.


Anonymous said...

I saw those pix yesterday, & I gotta say: Raitt & MacDonnell look 'way too affectionately at one another than is appropriate for a boss & staffer. No wonder she got promoted so quickly (a $120k/yr sr. job for a 26 yr old?) & they were dissing dirt like sorority sisters.

cherenkov said...

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get ahead.

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