Wednesday 6 October 2010

A weird thing happened reading the paper today

Reading a Francis Russell column usually results in me slamming my face against the computer keyboard multiple times in exasperated frustration that such biased ideological drivel could ever be published in a newspaper. This time was different though.

My finger hesitated over the mouse button for a second as I debated whether I dare open what would surely be another vitriolic rant about PM Harper's neo-con tactics; however much to my surprise she didn't use the term "neo-con" once, nor did she compare Harper to George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Satan, or a baby-eating gorgon. That could be because she spends most of the space quoting Frank Graves from Ekos Research, but nevertheless it is a refreshing change of pace from what I am used to.

Much more worryingly, I actually agree with much of what she (or rather Frank) has to say. In fact, much of it echos what I wrote about back here . I don't doubt for a minute that Harper could have a majority if he wasn't such a nimrod. Every time he builds political capital he promptly squanders it by doing something stupid and divisive. That's his MO, and it's why he is doomed to be a minority PM until the Liberals find somebody with an ounce of Charisma (bonjour, Justin) and boot him out of office.

I have seen a similar analysis in Maclean's magazine as well, but the fact that I agree with Francis Russell about something is scary as hell. I don't know if she is coming around or if I'm turning into a bat-shit crazy lefty, but something is wrong in the universe. Wait a minute ... didn't that exact same cat walk by here a moment ago? What happened to my window ... It's a brick wall now!! ACK!


Oh, one other thing before the agents get me: One of you guys at the Free Press should let Francis know that Stephen Harper is speaking in Winnipeg tomorrow evening at Canad Inn Polo Park, and it's completely free! You have to register ASAP though. Sorry for the short notice.

I won't be there. If anything, I'll go catch the Sam and Judy debacle at the Hydro building tomorrow.

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