Sunday 16 January 2011

Dead Guy Ale

A review of another of my Christmas beers:

After my last beer review, Miss Martin commented:

Ever gone on an Oregon microbrew binge? Based on this post, I have a carefully formulated hypothesis that you would lose your shit. Scientifically speaking.
I have not made it to Oregon unfortunately, but yesterday Oregon came to me in the form of Dead Guy Ale. Brewed by Rogue Ales in Newport Oregon, this "Handcrafted micropiece" is "Greatfully Dedicated to the Rogue in Each of Us." I can't help but think of Sarah Palin when I hear that word, but I will try not to let that interfere with my objectivity.*

This Rogue is 650 ml and 6.5% alcohol. It pours a deep amber with a cream coloured head that has a thin texture and dissipates fairly quickly. The taste is citrusy with just a little bit of bitterness, and it goes down leaving little behind in the way of aftertaste.

It is a pleasing beer and not nearly as intimidating as the name suggests. It was easy to drink, and a full 12 hours after doing so I am not dead at all. For other reviews, go here.

*if you want my thoughts on Sarah Palin, you can check out Impalin' the VPILF and Pullin' for Palin.

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Melissa Martin said...

Rogue is great. My in-laws have a beach house in Newport, just down the street from where they brew all their beers; we toured the brewpub once, it was incredible. I recall they had something like 20 microbrews on tap for tasting.

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