Sunday 6 February 2011

Did he steal my logo?

As I was talking with somebody on the phone the today, I was randomly flipping through pictures on Deviant Art to amuse myself as my phone companion rambled on about God knows what, when I came across a photo with a familiar logo:

A couple years ago I did up a logo for the Deviant Art Epic Logo contest. Actually, the contest was already over by the time I found out about it, but I used it as an excuse to play around with my vector drawing program. I suck with vector drawing. I need all the practice I can get. Anyhow, I did still submit the logo so it's out there on Deviant Art ... this is what I came up with:

So you be the judge. Pretty damn similar logo, no? Maybe it's not the most mind-blowingly original logo ever made, so he may very well have come up it himself, but who knows. Not that I really care. If he were Walmart or something it might be worth looking into, but glancing at his web site, he seems to have a pretty modest business and he's not even using the logo very much.


custom logo design said...

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the Stiff Rod said...

I would not be surprised if your efforts were lifted as there seems to be much of that going on these days. I get rather angry when words or images that I took the time to create get used without permission nor remuneration. And when one discovers what these cheap bastards have done it is often next to impossible to receive compensation especially if they are an American firm.

cherenkov said...

I feel so violated!

Graham said...

Don't feel could say you - inspired - him? Right?

cherenkov said...

I feel so proud!

the Stiff Rod said...

I would rather violate the violator's ass in litigation.....I really despise cheap and lazy bastards.

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