Thursday 24 February 2011

Rider Dome is dead

There were times during Winnipeg's prolonged stadium debate, with ever changing locations, designs, cost estimates and funding arrangements, where it may have seemed as though Regina would get a domed stadium built before Winnipeg even got a pile in ground. But alas, we appear to be actually building something over at the U of M whilst Regina's dream appears to be dead.

The Saskatchewan Party government said Tuesday that the current proposal will be scrapped if the federal government doesn't agree by the end of the month to help fund the project. And Premier Brad Wall said the province may not take the lead role in any future stadium proposals.
From the Regina Leader Post. An agreement with CP Rail to purchase the land expires at the end of the month, hence the deadline.

So, they need the government to chip in $100 million for this stadium ... by the end of the month ... two weeks after telling Quebec City and the province of Quebec to go take a hike. I'm thinking ... ahhhhhh .. not gonna happen.

Now there is a difference between the proposed Regina funding plan and the proposed Quebec funding plan. Regina's is a P3, and Quebec's was a "Give us some money. C'mon man, show us some love. I know you got some.. Come ooooooon. No? Alright, then let us use the gas tax. No? Alright, then fuck you. We don't need you anyhow, assholes."

Had Quebec been looking at a partnership with private investment, they may have got their cash:
In Ottawa on Thursday, Conservative ministers reiterated their government would only commit money to construction if private investors did the same. - tor sun -
But that's beside the point. The point is that Quebec didn't get any money so neither will Regina. I don't care if the money is coming from the P3 fund, or the gas tax, or the House of Commons cafeteria budget; if Ottawa contributes $100m to a stadium in Regina there will be riots in Quebec. All of Quebec, not just Quebec City.

But that's not Regina's only problem. They also have a problem with the other "P":
A lack of private sector investment may have been a "stumbling block" in getting funding approval .... the discussions seem to revolve around things like naming rights and sponsorships rather than direct investment in the project.
Looks like it's crumbling old Mosaic for you greenies for another decade. Tee hee.


I dropped in on Winnipeg Internet Pundits on Wednesday to add my punditry about rent controls. You can find the podcast here. My bit comes on about 45 minutes in.

I'm not really a natural, but it was fun and I thank Tessa and the gang for letting me join in.


One Man Committee said...

It sounds like the Rider Dome may be dead, but the fact remains that Mosaic Stadium has to be replaced given that it will soon be (once we get our new park and Hamilton's is redeveloped) without doubt, the worst facility in the CFL.

I can't blame Sask. for shooting for the stars even if a dome turned out to be a little too expensive. Even if they can't pony up a half-billion for a covered facility, they can probably find $200 million between the cushions for a good outdoor facility along the lines of what is being built in Hamilton, Winnipeg and Ottawa - around 30,000 seats, with room to expand for Grey Cup games and other major events. At some point they will have to bite the bullet given that their current stadium is obsolete.

(By the way, great job on the radio!)

cherenkov said...

Yes, quite true ... they are in a similar situation to ours where if they don't build something new then they're faced with pumping millions into an obsolete facility. So ya .. they will have to eventually build something, but it's back to the drawing board.

(thanks ... tough to keep up with you pros!)

Anonymous said...

Same problem as Winnipeg, not big enough for a $450 million project.

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