Friday 11 February 2011

Vote for Jon!

Only one day left!

On the anniversary of the 2010 Olympic games, CTV is having a contest for Canada's favourite Olympic 2010 Moment. Manitoban and general nice guy Jon Montgomery is in the running for his dramatic gold medal win, enthusiatic celebration, and iconic stroll through Whistler.

You should vote for Jon. In fact, it is your obligation as a Canadian (assuming you're Canadian, as most of my readers are.) Why? I'll tell you why:

Jon's victory was the turning point in the games. Prior to that, with only a couple of exceptions the games were filled with dissappointing results, broken Zambonis and other mechanical failures, melting ski hills, and gimacing Wayne Gretzkys stuck in traffic on the back of pickup trucks in the rain. After Jon's victory, with only a couple of exceptions, everything was awesome, and Canada walked away with more gold medals that ever before. Plus, he chugged beer on TV. In fact, his whole family chugged beer on TV. Even Jodi!

So ... VOTE NOW!

The winner will be announced on Sunday. Thank you.

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reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

My Favourite moment was not watching the olympics

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