Thursday 28 January 2010

Graffiti Zone

I have noticed a couple of City of Winnipeg "Authorized Graffiti Areas" downtown recently. Like this one, on a what used to be a car rental store in a small strip mall on Ellice Avenue:

And this one, on a garage door in the exchange district, that I snapped with my ancient cell phone, hence the 24 pixel resolution:

In both cases, there was nary a spot of graffiti to be found, with the exception of the stenciled City of Winnipeg marker. The lonely little City of Winnipeg marker.

My initial reaction was "Wow is that ever lame. The city can't even get kids to tag a blank wall". So what's the deal with these graffiti zones? Is it an open invitation (as it appears to be) or is it designated for specific artists, who presumably are working on their "authorized" graffiti in their loft studios somewhere?

Does it have to be good graffiti?

It just so happens that I have been carefully crafting a piece of graffiti art over the past 8 or so months, and I think I am ready to take it public. What do you think?

I am very proud of it!

But maybe I'm misinterpreting these enigmatic little signs. Maybe they're not what they originally appear to be. I have considered a couple other possibilities:

1. The signs are actually a clever use of reverse psychology. Mr. Sam Katz knows that the appeal of defacing a building is lost if it's authorized, so the wily old mayor ordered somebody to paint these signs all over to keep our city clean and graffiti-free.

2. The signs are a practical joke by Banksy

I like that last one. That would be so cool if Banksy came to Winnipeg. In any case, keep an eye on these "authorized graffiti areas" to see what materializes. Who knows ... maybe someday you'll see this:


Friday Video

Something a little different today: an old Sweet Marie commercial, featuring the Kink's You Really Got Me. I really had a thing for this girl with the crimped hair and attitude. I think crimped hair is a trend that's due to come back, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Is there any way you can tell me exactly where the city of winnipeg tags are?

cherenkov said...

405 Ellice Ave, in one. The other is south of the King's Head, north of Notre Dame, but not sure of the street. I have also been told about one on the Giant Tiger downtown.

Anonymous said...


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