Sunday 31 January 2010

An iPost for my eBlog

I am sure the folks at Apple pride themselves on being ahead of the curve with respect to technology, but they are in the stone ages when it comes to naming their products.

It was not always this way. Appple was one of the first companies to name a computer after a fruit, for example. But this practice of prefixing names with lower-case vowels has run it's course.

For their latest product, as you know, the cavemen in the Apple marketing departments chiseled out "iPad". Four years after Mad TV mocked that very same name, and three years after a Canadian Company named Coconut Grove started selling bra inserts (yes, ladies, pads for your bra) also with that very same name. Not to mention the hand-held inventory device by Fujitsu.

My opinion: Apple should go back to apples. I think "Gala" would have been a great name for their new tablet. Mind you, Gala would also be a great name for a product that makes your boobs look big.

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