Friday 1 January 2010

The year in Peanuts

It's kinda fun to look back at the web stats for the past year. In terms of hits and page views we more or less plateaued in 2009. That's OK though. I'm sure people still enjoyed my posts. For example, let's look at the post with the most page views in '09 ...

.. ah here it is. It's, uh ... The future of Winnipeg: cookie-cutter condos, from April 2008.

Hmm. It appears people are still Googling Phil Sheegl. That's ok ... let's see what's next: How to get to Vimy Ridge -- posted in November 2008. D'oh!

Actually, I'm pretty happy that I'm getting a fairly consistent stream of hits from Google about getting to Vimy, because I had a difficult time finding information before I went there. The more people I can help and encourage to go there, the better!

I'm sure the next one will demonstrate the popularity of my 2009 work. K, let's see .... Aaa dammit! : Only a matter of time, posted August 2008. Well ... I am still the #1 hit on Google for "Leah Hextall Sex Tape" so I understand that, I suppose.

Ah, finally! Here's one from 2009: Trust me baby, it will fit -- my demonstration that a field (sans end zones) will fit in the spot that Gordon Bell wants to use for it's students.*

Other top posts:
Suggestions on Ikea Development
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So we know that people are searching for Phil Sheegl on Google, as well as Vimy Ridge, "Keepin' it Riel" t-shirts, and nude photos of Leah Hextall, but what else? Some of the odder search engine hits from the past year:

assporn (this was actually in the top 10!)
big animal with little eyes
doer put golf
eat leah hextall (yes, we get it, you like Leah...)
i want to die quickly but painless (perhaps you should get help...)
nude gay pictures bob brennan (you REALLY need to get help)
how do cars pollute the earth
ouch that's my ass (sorry)
selling my virginity winnipeg
shitting while walking olympic (good God, are my posts really this bad?)
what is a world class city? (the million dollar question!)
why free peanuts and water is not (the other million dollar question!)

Anyhow, the team here at the Peanut would like to thank all of you for stopping by, and all of you other bloggers who link to me, and a special thanks to my regular visitors. I look forward to an eventful 2010! Happy new Year!

A Friday(ish) video for you:

*actually, as Nancy Chippendale pointed out to me in an email, the Gordon Bell administration and WPSD did not lend much support to this effort**.
**as Marty Gold pointed out to me, this is probably because purchasing the land was not possible while following proper budget protocols. Officially pursuing it would have been problematic for Gordon Bell.


The View from Seven said...

Thanks for including the list of the weirdest search engine terms of 2009 -- that was hilarious!

Some of the odder ones I've seen recently:

parallel universe/shrooms
parking sex
topless women doing the wave
howard johnson topless

All the best for 2010!

cherenkov said...

Thanks, You too!

That Bob Brennan one floored me.

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