Tuesday 9 March 2010

Peace adhors a vacuum

When the U.S. invaded Iraq and ousted the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein, a power void was created that allowed Al Qaeda to establish a presence in the country, and all sorts of other fanatical nut jobs to build their power base and feed ethnic and religious conflict that is still continuing today. Saddam was a ruthless murderer, but his ruthless rule kept the country in some sort of order in spite of all the different factions, tribes and ethnic groups. When he left, Iraq became a much more dangerous place to live.

The Winnipeg Police have apparently take the lessons-not-learned from Iraq and applied them to the Gang War in Winnipeg. From the Free Press:

Police say a pair of newly arrived gangs are at the centre of the brewing battle as they try to fill the "vacuum" created by a major undercover sting operation dubbed "Project Divide" that ended last December. Police used a career criminal-turned secret agent to infiltrate the Hells Angels, resulting in the arrests of 34 high-ranking members and associates. Police say every member of the Zig Zag Crew, the Hells Angels' so-called puppet club, was put behind bars while only a handful of Hells Angels remain free.
Awwwwwwesommmmme. So good to see the Rock Machine moving into town, with their guns and their bombs.

"So, smart guy", you ask, "what's the solution?" While some may advocate legalization of drugs. If drugs were legal, like alcohol, there would be nothing for the gangs to fight over, except for small-ticket things like prostitution and black-market organs. Though I might support legalization of pot, I have a real hard time advocating the legalization of crack, meth, heroin, and other such things.

Truth is, I don't have an answer. Going after the street dealers will not get rid of drugs. I say legalize and tax pot to take a huge chunk out of the market for illegal drugs, and let the Hells Angels control the rest. Or you can keep fighting gang after gang and paying off informant after informant, while people die in the streets. Maybe after 10 years of battle, the enemy will give up and we will be at peace. Maybe Iraq will elect a representative government that will bring all factions together, and settle into peaceful coexistence. Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You already mention the solution. You have to be ruthless. I know, its difficult to live with the notion but it is the only solution other than legalizing every drug and making it available ala Manitoba Liquor Commission.

Can I have 4 hits of mescaline with my bottle of Shiraz, thank you.

cherenkov said...

We have a long way to go. Our legal system is ... uh, what is the opposite of ruthless? Whatever that is...

unclebob said...

Can't say that I have better solutions but the proposal to legalize it all kind of makes me think the new public/private crown corporation in charge of vices will probably offer free drug samples with the Shiraz to increase volume.

We could be the first to become a province of zombies.

Wait, my mistake - we are already there!

cherenkov said...

Who you calling a zombie? ;-)

Drugs have inelastic demand. You can tax the shit out of them and people will still buy it.

Purple Rod said...

I love your forum. Good work. You should check out Winnipeg's newest and most talked about forum at Version 2.0.


Purple Rod said...

The only way to make a serious impact on gangs is to legalize everything. This would essentially put gangs out of business, as people would not have to go through the criminal element to get their "fix." They should also legalize prostitution while they are at it.

Anonymous said...

I say treat organized crime the same way that terrorists are treated ...they have no rights...locked up without charges indefinitly ....there are islands off the west coast that would make a good place to build a prison ...no visits ...one hour a day exercise ...harsh yes ...but inncent people do get killed in biker BS

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