Monday 15 March 2010

Seine: the forgotten river

Winnipeg: where the Red and the Assiniboine meet. The two aquatic giants of the great plains, colliding at the historic Forks; the place where Manitoba was born. Everybody knows about those, but there is a third river in Winnipeg...

The Seine begins who-knows-where south of the city (actually David Watson probably knows where), somehow crosses the floodway, and meaders its way through south east Winnipeg, eventually joining the Red on the North edge of Old St.Boniface. Much of its journey through the city is framed by wooded areas with paved and unpaved paths. In the summer you can canoe on the Seine or fish in the Seine, but it's the winter when I enjoy the river the most. You can walk on it, ski on it, or bike on it. There are smooth patches that you might even consider roller-blading on, if you could find blades with studded wheels.

The last weekend of February was a great weekend for spending time outdoors, so I got off my ass and went for a little bike ride. As I rode down the Seine I saw dozens of other people out with their kids or their dogs or themselves enjoying the spectacular last real weekend of winter. Looking out at my neighbour's grassy yard, it's hard to believe that I took these pictures just a hair over two weeks ago...

At one point, I found old street lamps strung up across the river like Chinese lanterns:

Is that up to code? I don't know, but I'll bet it looks wicked at night.


David Watson said...

Indeed. The Seine is best remembered by those who appreciate it best like you seem to. Thanks for the tip to the little river that could.
The river starts in the east in the Sandilands and winds through Manitoba to the once flooded community of Grande Pointe. A Grade 6 experiment gone wild called the siphon pops it up on the other side of the Floodway. The 26k of urban river has 3 golf courses, condos, apartments, houses, indutrial parks and new trails being built all the time. Woody the Tree Spirit, who you have met, is a recent addition to the Royalwood Forest, the Bois-des-esprits. See for summer activities such as Jane's Day walks in May. See you then I hope. Dave.

smell the love. said...

Nice article. The people at Save our Seine used to (maybe still do?) host a day-long paddling event that let you head down the Seine up to the park at the Red/Seine confluence. You get a great appreciation for the River and its surroundings. Get a kayak or canoe in there and enjoy!

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