Tuesday 25 November 2008

On my way home from work today ...

... I encountered a few situations that might fit nicely on Weirdos of Winnipeg.

First: just out front of Portage Place, a quiet dude who appeared to be disadvantaged in some way -- physically, mentally, likely financially too -- was shuffling along the sidewalk when he spotted something on the ground and stopped in his tracks. When he bent down and picked up the dirty napkin I thought to myself: "good Lord; you're not going to eat that, are you?" He did not eat it. He shuffled over to the garbage can and threw it away. Here is this guy, on a street strewn with garbage, and he just decided to do his part. Good on him. Weird though, but then it's sad that doing something good is weird.

Next: I am waiting for the bus on Portage Avenue after dark when a guy on a handicap scooter scooted by. On the street. He stopped at the red light just like a car, then eventually took off once the light turned green. It was a dark red scooter with a little Italian flag, but no lights, no reflectors, nothing. Damn near got smoked too. He cut off a car in the middle of the block, forcing about six vehicles to slam on their brakes. That's a dangerous game that there guy is playing.

Later, overheard on the #50 bus near downtown:
dude #1: You heading to Winnipeg?
dude #2: Am I going to Winnipeg? Yes. I'm in Winnipeg.


blog note: welcome to Two Ripping Arseholes who have recently joined the blogoshpere. I can only hope their posts are half as eloquent as their blog name. So far so good. (no new tax!!!)


Anonymous said...

A few years ago recall seeing a motorized wheelchair at night in a snowstorm running along Broadway with a driver, a woman on his lap and a child on her lap....needless to say no lights. I have not yet bettered this.

I must say however he was making good time. Maybe he had better than average tires?

cherenkov said...

Some of those suckers can hum along pretty good. This guy looked like he was doing about 20, which unfortunately is about 40 less than the cars behind him.

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